Android Betting USA

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world today and because of this, mobile bookmakers are competing with one another to make the best Android apps in order to attract new customers. If you have a mobile device that has an Android operating system, then you can you are able to use some of the most technologically advanced betting apps in the world today. When mobile betting apps were first launched they were only capable of performing the simplest of tasks and the number of sports and sporting events that the punter could bet on were very limited. Mobile betting apps have come a long way since then and the Android apps available today even allow punters to watch live streaming video of their chosen sports match. Punters can also check on statistics such as team performance, odds and injuries as well as keep track of their bets right from their mobile wherever they are.

Android Betting Apps Available

Mobile devices that run the Android operating system are very popular among mobile punters. When betting on your mobile you will generally be required to download a specific app that is Android compatible. If you don’t want to download an app for whatever reason then you can still find many browser based bookmakers that are optimized for Android mobile devices. This means that you can place bets directly through your browser without ever having to download any software. More and more mobile bookmakers for Android are appearing all the time as the demand increases.

Android Betting on Sports

Android bookmakers offer a wide variety of sports and all the same sports that you can bet on from your computer at home are available for Android. Along with the popular American sports of football, baseball, basketball and hockey, there are many other sports available for Android betting such as rugby, cricket, tennis and golf. Some bookmakers on this site also offer niche sports like water polo and martial arts.

Betting Reliability and Support

Security and customer support on mobile betting sites is identical to the security and support that punters enjoy on their computers at home. All the mobile bookmakers that support Android betting on this site will have many years of experience in the sports online betting industry.  So rest assured when you play at any of the bookmakers reviewed on this site, your personal details and your funds will be kept safe at all times. Along with great security, all the bookmakers on this site also offer excellent round-the-clock customer support.

Android Online Betting Offers

All the bookmakers on this site will offer Android customers some sort of bonus. The most popular bonuses offered by bookmakers are bonus bets and free bets. These bets are offered by bookmakers to attract new punters to sign up at their site. These bonuses can also be offered when there is a special event or big game taking place.

Start Betting on Android

Android is growing in popularity and will continue to do so as more and more mobile companies use their operating system. One of the best features of the android operating system is the fact that it is frequently updated and updates are free to download for Android users. With so many big names in the mobile phone and tablet industry using Android, the future of wagering for many Americans is definitely Android betting.