Online Horse Betting

Americans love the races and they love placing bets on horse racing, placing bets on horse racing is interesting and exciting because of the many different bets the punter can place. Betting on a horse race also doesn’t have to be expensive and those on a budget can place a small bet while the high rollers are welcome to bet as much as they please. Many Americans can’t get to the track to watch every race that they would like to and for this reason, when online betting was invented many punters started placing bets using their computers.

Online betting became very popular very quickly and when mobile devices were launched, even more people started placing bets. Now punters can check odds, performance, results and keep track of their bets all from their mobile device wherever they are. Now punters no longer have to go to the track in order to know exactly what is going on at any time of the day or night.

Most Americans are on go all the time and really don’t have time to go to the track to watch the races. Nearly every American has a mobile device that they carry with them at all times, which is why most betting today is done from mobile phones and tablets. With such a big demand for mobile betting sites, bookmakers are competing fiercely to get the customers. The result of this competition is many good quality mobile bookmakers who offer great betting bonuses and online free bets, every bookmaker on this site will offer the punter some sort of promotion.

When it comes to betting on the horses, there are many types of bets that range from the simple to the exotic. It is always a good idea for novice bettors to stick to the simpler bets until they gain some experience and knowledge of how horse racing works. Some of the simpler bets that the punter can make on a horse race are a Win and a Place. A win is simply betting on a horse to win the race. A place bet is when a punter bets on a horse to finish in a particular place, usually 2nd or 3rd but it can also sometimes be extended to 4th or 5th place and even beyond that. When it comes to exotic horse betting there is the Quinella in which the punter picks 2 horses to win and place in no particular order. In the Exacta, which is similar to the Quinella, where the bettor must pick horses to come in 1st or 2nd place, in the precise order that they are chosen.

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Horse Online Betting Sites

Horse betting has always been popular in America and since the invention of mobile and online bookmakers it continues to grow every day attracting more and more fans. This is a fast paced and exciting sport to watch and a race is even more exciting to watch when you have placed a bet on the outcome. If you enjoy horse racing then why not experience the excitement of horse betting today! The betting sites we recommend all offer comprehensive race books and make wagering on your favorite horse simple, straightforward and hugely enjoyable.