Online Cricket Betting

With cricket betting, your thoughts won’t wonder back to the office or home when watching the game as you can place bets before and during the game to add just a little bit of zest.  Four to five day international games are the most exciting when placing bets.  Bet on the next innings as it happens with online betting suited for American bettors.

It is fun to predict which player or partnership will get the most runs, which player will get bowled out or even how many fours and sixes will be hit as the game progresses.  You can bet on any of these in game occurrences and more when you do online cricket betting.  You will find the best online betting sites for American bettors suggested on this page.

Cricket is most probably the best all round game to bet on.  Bettors who enjoy in game betting will have a field day betting on cricket.  You’re not restricted to only bet on the winning team when betting on a game of cricket.  Following is a glossary of the most popular bets;

Bet on which team in a match will walk away as the winners.  This type of bet can be placed with all the different types of games ranging from twenty 20 games right through to test match games.  Some online sports betting sites will even allow you to bet if a game is tied with test matches.

Another popular bet in cricket betting is which team will win the series.  A series is a three to five day competition with a number of matches instead of just one continues game.  American bettors will be able to place this type of bet online also.

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Outright Winner

Future betting on tournaments is quite popular due to the international participation.  Bet on the ultimate winners of a world cup and other trophy games. Other popular bets to place is the coin toss winner, odd or even run scores, first innings score, match scores, over and under predictions, team innings runs, series scores, partnerships, most match sixes, total fours, most run outs, highest first 15 Overs, top batsman, team of the top batsman, top bowler, individual bowler series wickets, man of the match, batsman matches, fifty runs, century scoring, player performance, batsman runs, runs off next ball, method of dismissal and over and under totals.  Cricket betting has the biggest variety of bets you can place.

Online Cricket Betting Sites

The suggested betting sites on this page are the best online sites available for American bettors.  Take a moment to browse through these sites and select one which you feel offers you the best betting odds for your requirements.  Only the best online betting sites are suggested and listed on this page.  Give that game of cricket an excitement boost and place bets on your own preferences of use the betting tips you will receive when you have joined one of these sites.  You will also have access to all the cricket betting statistics you may require to make the wisest bets.