Golf Betting Online

Golf betting has been around for decades, practically since the start of the sport. While golf itself may have fluctuated in popularity, even here in America, those interested in betting on it have rarely been at a loss for great games to bet on. In the old days betting on golf meant a friendly gentlemen’s wager by the players on the green.

Nowadays this type of bet still exists amongst amateurs and friends but a new type of betting has taken off with professional golfing. The players themselves do not bet, but their doting audience sure does! This spectator activity follows a myriad of tournaments for golf betting throughout the course of the year across many different countries including America. American punters can find the very best online betting sites or bookmakers listed right here for your convenience and reassurance.

Betting on golf allows several options including standard tournament betting, props and futures. More than this each category mentioned will contain several betting lines for American bettors to select. There are betting lines on each and every PGA tournament too. As a punter you can choose to bet on any of the golfer to win or for some of the larger names, for the field to win (in other words a no bet against that golfer).

Golf betting may also offer US bettors the chance to bet on lines that pit two golfers against each other. The sites listed here may even offer you the chance to bet like this where two large names are involved, even if they are not paired up in the tournaments. This is to generate some action and excitement. You could also opt to bet for a single round or an entire tournament.

The bookmakers listed on these sites may also offer more creative bets or props. The major players usually see the biggest selection in these. These creative props for golf betting include bets such as top 10 finish, top 5 finish, whether or not there will be a playoff in the tournament, whether or not there will be a hole in one and even individual props such as determining whether Tiger Woods would make the cut, as an example. American bettors could also bet on the home country of the winner or which player in a betting pool of let’s say the American players will come out on top.

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Golf Futures Betting

Essentially futures are bets that you place well in advance of the actual tournament. Bookmakers usually require that the player you bet on has action (it may require a player to tee off) before the bet is valid. If not, the bet may be lost. The sites listed here will offer a variety of betting options for future tournaments across many major tournaments.

Events for Online Golf Betting

Golf betting spans across many different tournaments including The Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship and more! American bettors can bet on any of these tournaments at the great licensed and legal sports betting sites we have listed here. Simply select an option that suits you, sign up, claim your bonus, make a deposit and start golf betting on some of the biggest games in the world.