Online Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the highlight of any National Football League (NFL) fan’s year, and one of the premier sporting events in America. Besides being an absolute treat to watch, with the best football and other live entertainment in the world on offer, it presents great opportunities to place wagers and win big as well. Our guide to the four Super Bowl betting categories should prepare you for every Super Sunday.

Like other the NFL games, the Super Bowl has a point spread as its primary betting method. This means that the favorite is listed minus a certain number and the underdogs are listed plus the same number. For favorites to win they must exceed this number to cover the spread. Depending how many people back each team, spreads can change over time but you should not see very dramatic spread alterations with Super Bowl bets. The only thing that can really lead to changes is significant injury news, so this is the key information to look out for.

Spread betting has several advantages. The percentage that the online American bookmakers we review charge on a wager is generally very low, and it is easy to do focused research the two teams who are playing. It’s also very simple and easy to understand, so it’s a great way to get comfortable with Super Bowl betting.

Moneyline bets are straight up wagers that involve no points spread, and you simply have to name the team you think will lift the Lombardi Trophy. American odds are used, with a negative number given to the favorite and its positive counterpart given to the underdog. So, for example, a strong team may be listed as -200 in the moneyline. This would mean that their odds are 2/1 and the oddsmakers believe they would win two times out of three. You would need to bet $200 to win $100. The underdogs in such a situation would have 1/2 odds, and you would only need to bet $100 on them to stand a chance to win $200.

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Over/Under Bets

Also known as total bets, these involve you putting money down on whether the total final score will be over or under the total that your bookmaker predicts. They are very popular with the online American bookies we review here, for Super Bowl betting and many other markets, and are great to place if you have good reason to believe that a game will have a particularly high or low score.

Props Super Bowl Bets

Props, as these wagers are affectionately known as, tend to be limited to the very popular or special sporting events and Super Bowl betting usually offers several to choose from. Props usually have the format of one of the bet types listed above, but are very specific and can run the gamut from mundane to downright crazy predictions.

Props really appeal to online American betting sites’ sense of fun and in the past have featured bets such as the color of Gatorade that will be poured over the head of the winning team’s coach. Of course, there are many legitimate props as well, such as naming the team who will score the first touchdown.

Super Bowl Betting Sites

The sights, sounds and general thrills of the day are only enhanced by Super Bowl betting. Use our sports betting guidelines and check out some of the superb online American betting sites we review here to get your own slice of the action.