NBA Betting Online

NBA betting allows American bettors the chance to place competitive bets on their favorite teams and pump even more excitement into one of America’s favorite sports. With odds that rely on player statistics and team performance, betting on the NBA is one of the most thrilling and viable sports to bet on. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the penultimate league to bet on in America and even internationally.

American bettors will be able to bet on their favorite NBA games and on the outcomes reached within the game. Players can score field goals (scoring three points if scored from behind the three point line and two points if scored from any point in front of the line) which influence the end total of the game. NBA betting relies on these scores to determine the outcome of most of the offered bets. The only way to score these points is to sink the basketball into and through one of the baskets. The highest score determines the winning team and additional time is issued in the case of a draw.

There are various options when it comes to betting on the NBA game including straight bets, over or under total bets and parlays. More than this you will need to be familiar with the teams and their various statistics, including injuries, wins, losses and so forth. This information is readily available online and can be used to increase the chances of placing a successful bet.

The simplest bet available in NBA betting, a straight bet ask the American bettor to determine which team will win the game. It is one of the most popular bets and will be available on any of the highly recommended sites listed here.

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Props NBA Bets

Props are more exotic or creative bets placed on various events that may take place within a given basketball game. Bookmakers offer odds on these events in order to make the betting more exciting and to offer an alternative to the traditional betting style. Some of these propositional bets include betting on specific players in specific arenas but the bets available will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, Take a look at the sites mentioned here for your favorite punt.

Over and Under Bets

NBA sports betting allows American bettors to bet against pre-determined or predicted scores. Bettors are allowed to bet on whether they believe the actual score will be over or under the totals posted. This type of bet disregards the winner of the game and focuses instead on pure point values.

Parlays Bets

Often called an accumulator or combo bet, the parlay bet is a single bet which links together two or more separate wagers. The pay offs for this type of bet are often much greater and therefore offer much more appeal to the American bettor.

NBA Betting Events

When it comes to the best of NBA betting, there are several major events that American bettors will want to follow. These include the NCAA March Madness, the Final Four, the NBA All-Star Game and the NBA Championship. Try one of these top rated online betting sites today to place your NBA bet!