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Americans love to bet on horse racing and when they do, they enjoy betting at online totes. Unlike other bets, the tote is a bet that is pooled from all the money that all the punters bet. The money is divided up among the winners based on what the odds were. The odds at a tote are constantly changing, right up to when the race starts. The punter doesn’t know what the odds will be until the race actually starts and betting stops, this makes betting at an online tote very exciting. The reason for this is that the odds are determined by how many punters place bets.

If many punters make the same bet on the same horse, then the payout will be less than it will if an outsider wins the race. The more punters that make the same bet, the more punters need to be paid out. If the punter places a bet on a long shot that few people have placed bets on and it wins, it will pay out very well. If you know your horse racing then you can make some really good money by betting on long shots.

When you bet at the best online totes there are several options of bet that he punter can choose from. The simplest bet at best online totes is a Win, in this bet the punter places a bet on a horse to win the race. A Place is a bet in which the punter can choose a horse to come in 2nd 3rd. An Each Way bet is a bet is a combination of the Win and the Place bets. The Exacta bet is when the punter must name the first and second place horses. The Trifecta is the same as the Exacta but the punter has to name the 1st 2nd and 3rd places in the exact order. The Quadpot is a bet in which the punter chooses horses to win or place from 3rd to 6th in each of four races. A Placepot bet is similar to the Quadpot bet but requires the punter to pick a horse for all 6 races of a day of racing. If one horse does not come in a payout position, the punter loses.

The Jackpot bet requires the punter to select a winner from each race of an entire race day. This is a very difficult bet to get right, but if you do, it pays out very well indeed. The Scoop 6 bet is a variation of the Placepot and the Jackpot, this is one of the more exotic bets and will usually only be allowed on a big race day when there is a large pool. In a Scoop 6 bet, the punter must choose which horses will win all 6 races of the day. The winnings are excellent if you get it right, but if even one of your horses doesn’t come in, you will lose the bet. The most exotic of all the bets is the Swinger, in which the punter chooses 2 horses to place in the top 3; the payout differs depending on which order the horses finish in.

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