NFL Betting Online USA

NFL betting, or the National Football League in full, allows American bettors the chance to bet on the highest level of American football. The NFL has become an international phenomenon and has reached global borders above and beyond our American fans. Betting on your favorite NFL team too has become easier and simpler with advances in online betting sites. You can find some of the very best online bookmakers for NFL bets right here!

American bettors have many betting options when it comes to the NFL. The easiest of these is head to head betting which simply entails placing a bet on the outcome of the game using the given NFL betting odds. You can find competitive odds at the great sites listed here by our recommendation. This is true for both the play offs and regular season bets, just choose the team you believe will win!

Props or proposition bets are a different type of bet that is offered on NFL games. American bettors will be offered the chance to bet on the possibility of events occurring in each game. Some props on offer include whether or not a team will score three times in a row or determining which team will score first. Another great aspect of experiencing NFL betting is the Super Bowl. Many bookmakers offer an additional variety of props for the highlight of the season including coin toss bets, halftime bets, wagers on commercials or even stock market action on the day following the Super Bowl.

Many bookmakers will offer American bettors the chance to bet on the NFL ahead of time, often months in advance. Betting before the season starts or during the earlier rounds may offer larger rewards should you win.  Betting on respective divisions is also allowed during this time, to enjoy the great atmosphere of NFL betting before the big Super Bowl.

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Information for NFL Betting

American bettors should strongly consider the team’s statistics and form before placing a bet. Being aware of injuries, suspensions, losses, wins and even the team’s preference for certain weather conditions could greatly increase your chances of placing a successful bet. Accessing this information is easy and can often be readily accessed online. You could easily read up on your team and place a bet online with one of our highly recommended sites.

Live NFL Bets

One of the more exciting forms of betting with the NFL is live betting. Most of the nationally televised matches or games offer live betting which occurs during game play. Since the action is live and odds are constantly changing, often wildly, this form of NFL betting offers more risk but with greater returns too.

Major NFL Betting Events

The main NFL events include the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and Regular Season.  Regular season runs from September to January, Pro Bowl is an all-star game held a week before the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl is the penultimate event of the entire season. American bettors can find the very best odds listed on these recommended sites to enjoy the best online betting experience!