Online Rugby Betting

Americans are known for their football, baseball and basketball, but they also happen to be big rugby fans too. The rugby union in America is a growing sport and is played at youth, high school, club and international levels. All the rugby union that is played in America is governed by USA Rugby. The United States men’s national rugby team, the Eagles has competed in all but one Rugby World Cup. The sport is really growing rapidly in American and more and more punters are starting to place online bets on local matches as well as betting on all the international games taking place around the world.

Every rugby fan has a favorite team and will remain fiercely loyal to that team for life. When placing bets on a rugby team it is always better to be objective and place a bet based on the actual facts that are available to you, even if it means betting against your team.

There are many options when it comes to placing bets on rugby matches, from simple bets to more complex and difficult to win bets. It is always recommended that newcomers start off by placing simple bets until they gain enough experience to try the more difficult ones. Some of the bets available are the Supremacy Bet, in which the punter must predict by how many points a team will beat another team by. The Future Bet, in which the punter has to predict the winner of an entire series or tournament.

The First Try Scorer, in which the punter must predict which team will score the first point. This bet is a lot of fun and the odds are good because it is a difficult bet, but if you get it right, it pays out very well. The Outright Winner is very popular in rugby betting and it is a simple bet on which team will win the game. The teams will usually have their odds next to them describing how much the punter would be paid out for a win. The underdog team usually has the highest odds and pays out the best. Total Points Betting is a bet in which the online punter predicts how many points a match will have, you can also bet over or under the amount for a win.

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Rugby Betting Events

Rugby is played in many countries around the world and therefore there are many betting opportunities. Now that there are online sports betting, bettors never have to worry about where in the world the match is taking place and can place bets on any game at any time of the day or night. Some of the most popular tournaments to bet on are the Rugby World Cup, The Guinness Premiership, The Six Nations, The Challenge Cup, The Heineken Cup and Super Rugby.

Rugby is a very exciting game to watch and if you place a bet on a match it is even more exciting to watch. If you are a rugby fan and have never made an online bet, it’s time you discovered rugby betting at the top online bookmakers that we recommend for Americans!