Online Ice Hockey Betting

Playing, watching and betting on ice hockey are all so popular in America; they might as well be national pastimes. With online wagers, this exciting world is open to many more people than ever before, and researching your prospective teams and players is made simple with Internet resources. There are also all kinds of different wagers to explore. The more time you spend investigating putting money down on games, the more you will know what works for you, but we have put a simple guide of ice hockey betting options together to start you off.

This is the most common type of ice hockey betting at online American betting sites, and one of the easiest to understand. All you need to do is pick the team that you think will win. Odds are set for both teams, and if you back the underdog team and they win you will be paid out more than if you back the favorites and they are victorious.

This type of betting is used with several sports. You need to decide whether the total score at the end of the game will be over or under what your bookmaker is predicting. If the combined real score matches the combined predicted score exactly, online American betting sites often refund all bets, so this is one of the less risky forms of ice hockey betting.

This can be a great addition to your online American punting range, and is a lot like MLB Run Line betting. Of the two teams playing, the favorite must cover a 1.5 spread for their backers to win this bet. This means they must beat their by at least two goals, while if the underdogs either lose by only one goal or win outright their supporters will win the bet. If you are considering online betting on a heavily favored team who will probably win by a few goals, or on a big underdog team who might win or lose by just one goal, this is the perfect way to do it.

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Prop Betting

These wagers are a form of ice hockey betting that has nothing to do with the game’s final outcome. While prop, or propositional, bets are placed in the regular season, they are more popular when it comes time for the playoffs. They are once-off wagers based on specific occurrences, and include putting money on individual players’ performances, on period scores and on which team will score first.

Prop bets may also include future bet. These are wagers made on future outcomes, such as which team will take a tournament. The most popular ice hockey future prop bet involves predicting the team who will win the Stanley Cup, America’s oldest professional sports trophy, awarded to the National Hockey League playoff champion at the end of each season. Lines are offered on each team over the off season, the regular season and the playoffs, allowing you to bet on who will win the Cup.

Start Betting on Ice Hockey

Now that you know a little more about ice hockey betting, you are ready to begin your own adventures and develop you knowledge and strategy more. Check out our through reviews of the most trusted online sports betting sites in America to get started today.